Mary Kay – Taking a jab at video

Just dishing out this quick post before I run off. As requested by my friend, I went ahead and stitched together a video from clips I took during their event. It is very simple as I pretty much just hashed things together. It has been a long while since I last composed a video. And there are a lot of differences from the last time and this attempt. Back then I merely worked with still pictures and merely applied combinations of effects. The program I used back then was also different.

And here we have my attempt yesterday. Part of the simplicity is due to my not practicing video with my cam yet, not having edited video in a long while, only half a day’s tinkering with a new program, being unable to get online help due to temporary loss of connection, and the frustration of not figuring out how to mix effects together. The other part that had me keeping it simple was to avoid making it look targeted commercially. Originally, I was planning to take the logo and emphasize it with effects, and putting in some lines based on the One Woman Can theme.

For this particular attempt, I used music I found through creative commons and they were not licensed for commercial use thus the restriction to keep it from looking commercial in nature. Last time I used copyrighted music, in the video above, my video was muted so I wanted to avoid a repeat. I only just found out this morning that the mute was removed. I actually spent more time searching for the music this time than I did piecing together the vid. So I hope you don’t judge it too harshly. I am fully aware of its simplicity but at least that means I still have an uphill climb ahead of me.

And now I must be off and see what bit of the Halloween holiday I might be able to capture. I had actually gotten too preoccupied with this that I had been unable to prepare for any particular event. Fortunately, I found out there is still the zombie run later in Makati. Before I move on to that though, I’ll have to finish my write up on the ukulele festival next.


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