Models, Makeovers, and Magic

Now on to share a bit about the event proper. This event was held last October 24 at Mary Kay’s Makati center along Pasong Tamo Ext. This isn’t the first time that they have held makeover sessions. They pretty much live and breathe makeovers. It is the usual method that they share their passion and reach out to others so those who might get interested can get the actual feel of the pampering they offer. What set this particular makeover session apart is that it came with an introduction to the finalists of the recently concluded Mary Kay One Woman Can beauty contest. One could palpably feel the pride and celebratory mood that night and the venue was packed more than usual.


L-R: Marild Aperocho, Fatima Saquilabon, Deniece Cornejo, Arianne Buenviaje, Vanezza Dagatan-ligan

Pictured above are the three finalists for the Philippines – Fatima Saquilabon, Deniece Cornejo, and Arianne Buenviaje. These three lovely ladies just recently came from Hong Kong where they flew off to compete against other beauties of the Asia-Pacific in the One Woman Can contest finale. The spot for 2nd-runner up was bagged by Singaporean Ephairam Seow. And now we can have even more pride as two of our lovely Filipinas landed the remaining top spots. 1st-runner up was Arianne while the new face for Mary Kay in the Asia-Pacific was Fatima. Of course, kudos and congratulations not only to the finalists but also to their makeup artists who helped bring out their dazzling beauty. Also included in the picture above, Vanezza looked after Arianne, and Marild took care of Fatima.

“One woman is capable of amazing things.” That is the main concept behind the One Woman Can contest and nicely sums up one of Mary Kay’s values as it continually empowers women. The results of this contest are even quite reflective of that concept. I found out that Deniece is no stranger to such contests and modelling. She is already the image of a strong woman living her potential. Even more interesting however are the backgrounds of the other two finalists and their makeup artists.

Both Fatima and Arianne were just any other student before this. From what I found reading up on them, Fatima was very much a shy gal while Arianne was bullied. As for their makeup artists, Marild is just a young friend of Fatima, and Vanezza is a teacher and mother. They were regular people just like anyone you or I would know, not wrapped up in glitz and glam. And these ordinary people found the will, with Mary Kay giving them the way, to show that there are no such things as ordinary people, just extraordinary people who have yet to make their mark. In the end, those two students became confident models with the successful assistance of their Mary Kay beauty consultants.

DSC_6354_lrg With the conclusion of the first part of the evening, the event continued on to the makeover session itself. Helping move things along was makeup artist Kris Bacani with the beautiful Deniece as her template. Along with her guidance, the rest of the Mary Kay beauty consultants set out to transform the guests they had invited and brought along to makeover. And so the night wore on and ended with more gorgeous ladies going out than first came in.

See the rest of my photos at the gallery to see these women work their art.

Get in touch with Mary Kay beauty consultant Rochelle Tamayo for your Mary Kay needs or if you want to get in on this action as well. Naturally, you can also set up your own makeover session with your friends.

Arianne mentioned that she’s a blogger and I couldn’t help but do a search for her blog. You can read her first-hand account on the finale there.

And just in case you want to find out more about Kris Bacani, look her up here.

DSC_6262_lrg DSC_6239_lrg DSC_6338_lrg DSC_6485_lrg


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